Our vision

The new way to get a mortgage

We thought it was time someone made getting a mortgage much more simple. No more trips to the bank. No boring meetings and definitely no messy paperwork. So that's why we created mortgagegym.com

Making mortgages digital

No more trips to the bank

We don't think you should have to head to the high street to find the right mortgage. That's why we created a digital marketplace to match mortgage borrowers to mortgage lenders, but without taking real people out of the process.

No more messy paperwork

We thought it was time mortgages went digital. Thanks to a little bit of super-smart technology and a whole lot of data analysis, we can digitally identify you, then search the market to find mortgages from lenders that match your circumstances.

No more mortgage confusion

Mortgages have been confusing for too long. We empower you to understand how much banks are willing to lend you by bringing you real offers based on your credit profile. Then we give you the ability to control your mortgage online. Mortgages the way you want them are here at last. Putting you in control.

It's easy, it's online and it puts you in control. That's MortgageGym.